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Played and finished Danganronpa (spoilers)

Shit’s good yo. Bit more interactive than Ace Attorney and then there’s bonding with people. The UI reminds me of Persona 4.

I liked it. Some of the cases were kind of obvious but of course you have to go through the class trial for Makoto to figure it out or Kyouko to tell him. This was especially the case for chapter 3, where it’s pretty blatant with how active Celes is in making people go everywhere and how suddenly she becomes way more active than her sideline viewing from before.

Other than that, I still really enjoyed it. I wasn’t hit as hard with the Junko twist at the end, though. As soon as I saw the body in the garden I noticed the nails and shoes and went back to chapter 1 and sure enough Junko was wearing them. It might be “cheating” in a way but it’s still information that was available to me. Kyouko even brings up the nails so basically I have her memory. The “multiple wounds” thing just made it even more apparent.

I’m glad I was really suspicious of Sayaka early on, though. It might be a bad thing with how mistrustful I am of how she was being but at least it didn’t hit me as hard when she died. The part that DID hit me hard was when you find out they were all friends for 2 years before it all went down. That REALLY put me down. At least Aoi survived, Junko being 2nd best grill.

Also, the final investigation music is soooo gooood. As soon as the guitar came up I was like shiiiiiiieeetttt

In total, intriguing story, good music, simple but fun gameplay. I dunno if I should watch the anime.

Good game. 9/10. I dunno how to rate games properly so I’ll just give it a 9 l0l

Now I wish I had a Vita so I could play 2 since the translators dropped it for the official release.


Translation: Just as I was thinking about how risky it was to include “The Thingy Rises” in Gintama the Movie: The Final Chapter - and how Gintama would for sure be obliterated this time - I was told that “We’ve been given permission by Ghibli to do this.”

Ghibli-san, are you serious?!?!?!



Super selfies

Selfies. Selfies everywhere


so this morning i was playing with the slow-mo mode on my phone, hoping to get a majestic vid of a bumblebee taking off

but instead i found this dumbfuck